Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Iron Ninja Games Work: Beaver Costume Concepts

In addition to creating the tree game models, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to do costume concept art for the main character in Iron Ninja Games' upcoming game. If you have had the chance to look at their development blog,, you may have already seen these. The following drawings are a sneak peek of the fun waiting for you in the game!

The costume and variation design are my work, completed in Photoshop.  Just so you know our process, I start with a written description and a few reference pictures from the art director of the desired look. I follow with my drawings, and complete any necessary modifications in design that are requested. After that, the approved concepts are sent to our awesome character modeler and texture artist Matt for completion! 

Also, please note that the base character design of the beaver (which you can see in full 3-D form on the development site) is the original work of another artist of our Iron Ninja Games team, not myself.

If you are interested in following the game's progress, you can do so here: , and make sure to check out the Development Blog tab!

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