Friday, July 7, 2017

'Coral County' Comic, Science & Art Collaboration!

Brianna Leahy Art in collaboration with the Vega Thurber Laboratory of Oregon State University are proud to present 'Coral County, Episode #1'!

This comic is the first of three interactive web-comics that promote marine science learning! Below, you can read the comic, but for its full interactive features, please visit !

Our goal with this project is to provide fun & educational content for the general public & everyday reader. We hope that this comic can inspire interest and a greater understanding in science, especially in marine biology issues and ocean health.

We encourage sharing with friends! The 'Coral County Comic' is also fully available for educational use. For educators, please, encourage students of any age to visit the website and learn!

More episodes are coming very soon!
'Coral County' Comic.  For interactive version, visit