Monday, January 8, 2018

2017 Year of Art!

Happy New Year!

How is 2017 over?! Looking back, I have had so many new and wonderful art experiences this past year! My artwork has traveled to bazaars in Oregon, out to sea on the Tara expedition, installed in Oregon State University, and has been published in a scientific journal! See all below!

*Pictured Left:  Instagram "Best Nine of 2017"

Scientific Illustration:  Marine Host Microbiome Alpha Diversity Measures
Scientific Illustration:  Marine Host Microbiome Alpha Diversity Measures
This illustration was published in Frontiers in Marine Science academic journal, as "Box Figure 1" in the article "Responses of Coral-Associated Bacterial Communities to Local and Global Stressors". You can click on the link above to read the full article! This article was written in part by the Vega Thurber Laboratory, with whom I collaborated on projects such as this as their Resident Artist.

"Marine Host Microbiome Alpha Diversity Measures" compares and contrasts the diversity of microbes found in different marine organism's microbiomes. The figure compares the richness of organisms to one another in a community, and calls the viewer to question their assumptions about coral microbiome richness.

"Coral County" Educational Comic Trio:

This interactive educational comic is part of a science outreach effort, in collaboration with the Vega Thurber Laboratory in microbiology at Oregon State University!

Click here to read stories of the adventurous & troublesome parrotfish, coral crabs & more as they follow research currently being conducted at OSU! Roll-over the comic with your mouse to discover extra aid-bits, and click the CC Library where eager learners can delve deeper into the topics presented in each comic strip!

Art Aboard the Tara expedition.

The Tara now bears a sticker representing the Vega Thurber Laboratory, & my artwork! The Tara sails around the world collecting scientific data and promoting scientific education, outreach, and art concerning the ocean's health. Though I am not on the boat, I am so honored to have my artwork represent the Vega Thurber Lab on the boat (and among their other supporters)!

Members of the Vega Thurber Laboratory contribute their time, expertise and support on Tara's expeditions year round! Learn more about the Vega Thurber Laboratory, or the Tara.

Under Sea & Stars

This year was my very first selling my artwork and wares in person as a pop-up shop! My (online) artwork shop, 'Under Sea & Stars' was present at the Valentine's Day themed "A Bazaar to Love", "Spring 2017 Etsy Team Handmade & Vintage Market", "NACC's Holiday Bazaar", and the "Town & Country Christmas Bazaar". It was a lot of work, and I really enjoyed being able to design my booth space, and to explore what displays and decor enhanced my artwork!

I am also so thankful to have teamed up with two lovely craftswoman to complete our booth:  'Creations by Deborah', 'Roosevelt Kid' & 'Adornments by Meg'. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet so many other great artists and craftspeople too!

I am also working to fill out a new website for Under Sea & Stars, along with the existing Etsy Store :)

365 Days of Art
 I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the 365 Days of art drawing challenge this year! To do this, I will be posting artwork & art inspiration daily on my instagram @BriannaLeahyArt !

This challenge will encourage me to do more personal art, to challenge myself to tackle new techniques and subject matter... I am excited to get back to it!

This means more art for you to see! So check out my Instagram & keep an eye on this blog; there will be much more to come very soon!

*Pictured left:  thumbnail sketch in pen & copic marker, January 2nd 2018

Take care everyone & see you next week!