Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Piggy! A Boar Character Model

This is a work in progress! It is a character I have modeled for a friend's animated short film "Dusters". The character concept and much of the design was done by Zack Aller. I did all the modeling including blend shapes! The model shown below is the working model I rigged and skinned for use in his film.

The boar is the first quadruped I have modeled so I got to encounter some interesting problems, like hot to best organize the flow of geometry for the legs. I found it especially difficult to find the best way to organize the hind area for the best movement of the legs. So those areas will really need more work I am sure! But I wanted to post my progress so far. Below is a video turn-around of the model, and some silly screenshots showing the blends I've got working at this point.