Friday, September 30, 2011

Gentleman Billy Goat: Project Update

Hello there! So as I alluded to in my first post with my sketches of this guy, I have been busy building him in Maya as a 3D model. I am nowhere near finished sculpting, but I did want to include you on my progress as it stands. So I have included some screenshots I took as I worked over this past week. In that time I managed to complete turning my initial nurbs-surfaces (which are omitted from my screenshots- they were not pretty!) to a single polygon mesh (all of his body parts are made of one piece, not many), as well as started sculpting features of his face and cleaning up my geometry. I still have much cleaning and sculpting to do, and I will post another update once there is significant visual change!

early polygon mesh work

A start for the sculpting of the face

Got to have that vest!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Raccoon Run

After making "Bernard says Hello" I did many less successful exercise animation pieces. One of the more successful animation exercises is the one below, a test for a character that would appear in my first animation project with an actual storyline. This animation is meant to be played in a continuous loop, so if you have a mac, command and "L" should do the trick on quicktime, I do not know what it is for PC? I have not figured out how to coax the blogspot player to allow loops yet- if you know please comment and I will post here if I find out :) In any case this will give you an almost seamless loop (the playback hiccups at the start of the loop despite my effort). --All in all I do hope you like her!

Update: Videos Fixed!

Hello there! I heard there was a few problems when trying to view my animation video. Today I went and made sure all the formatting was fixed, so from now on I will only have reliable, better quality videos! Thanks for your patience and my apologies!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ink: Pig in a Tree?

This was my first time working with a dip pen and ink! To get used to it, I did a copy of a work by illustrator Leslie Brooke. I hope I did her justice, although I do admit I have a more heavy and much less experienced hand (at least at this point) than she, whose line work is very delicate in places such as in the leaves of the tree seen here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bernard says hello!

This was seriously my very first animation, EVER! I did this about a year ago, before I started this blog, and I would like to show my animation from the beginning. So in the near future I will bring you all up to date on my animation learning journey, starting with this little guy's big grin.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Now with Tabs!!!

After a few hours of frustration at my own lack of knowledge having to do with scripting, I am happy to say that I have persevered! I bring you navigation tabs! Now it is easy to find all of one art form on my blog! Please do take notice and make use of these simple but wonderfully helpful little buttons :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing Gentleman Billy Goat

Meet Gentleman Billy Goat, otherwise know as Donnan William Goat! He is my new character in development, and will eventually be made into a 3D model and be rigged! I will be keeping you updated on my progress! I am currently in the very early stages of modeling him. These are the first rough character sketches: