Monday, December 19, 2016

Art-Monday: Science Illustration!

I am back! I am excited to say my absence on my blog was because of a great opportunity! I have been working as a resident artist with the Vega Thurber Laboratory at Oregon State University doing scientific illustration for their publications & presentations! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be contributing to this educational endeavor. Their research is inspiring!

Below you can see the first of my pieces for the Vega Thurber Lab, an image & diagram demonstrating coral metagenomics & virus ecology. And my feature on the OSU artist page! I will be posting more scientific illustration as it is released in publications!

My artist bio on OSU's website!

Finished illustration for textbook publication & presentations

Work in progress screenshots of my reef illustration
Left:  School of butterfly fish  Middle:  Parrotfish and Acropora sp. (coral).  Right:  Reef part 1

Thanks for reading as always! See you next week for more art!