Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Year, New Art!

A new year, a new place to call home...

...and a new opportunity to share my art and adventures with you! :D 2021 is full of goals, wishes, hopes....and I hope to bring you some joy in sharing my art-journey here!

The snapshots below are my first of the year! Reflections on 2020, a goodbye to France, & a hello to my new home state: Florida! There's still so much I have yet to see, but each time I walk out the door I see something new; something art-inspiring! :) 

Keep an eye out for art soon! I am finally just about settled in, so I can get drawing! 

Sending my sincerest & best wishes for you & your family this year!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Bird's Beginning

It's the second week of quarantine for us, so to keep me from spinning my wheels too badly I decided to embark on a fun 3D project :)

This is a more involved project, as I will be doing a fair bit of experimentation! But I am happy to employ my 3D modeling skills to creating a cute little bird for a video game :) The goal is to create it in parts, keep it low-poly for minimal lag, and to script some simple movements to him. Bonus if I can eventually make him chirp too!

Below are a couple screenshots of my work in progress! You can also see them on my Instagram>>

The screenshot above was taken just after I unwrapped, and had a mess of UVs to size and organize :) Below, You can better see my model in different views, and my final arrangement for my UV map, as it is currently :) As I do a test paint soon, I will see if it needs any editing- hopefully not! :D

 I forgot to take screenshots as I was modeling, but you can see the wireframe in these anyway. I will be painting him up soon, so he will look more handsome than his current grey blob-like appearance :P

That's all for now folks!

As always I wish you well, but today I send an especially sincere wish for good health to you and your loved ones. Take care until next time, when I hope to bring you a little cheer in the form of a little painted bird :)

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Project Low-Poly

Recently I have been enjoying getting engrossed in making low-poly creations suitable for games :) My goal is to have a collection of simple but beautifully textured prop models, and, with some scripting help, an "animated" bird! I am enjoying the challenge of creating these models with as low polygon count as possible, while still making a pleasing form.

Below are two pieces I can share with you today, a simple model of "Claude" my real house-plant, and a standalone four-leaf clover for Saint Patrick's Day!

Claude the Aloe

Lucky Clovers :)

Take care of yourself, and see you here again tomorrow with a modeling update!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Happy March Pup

Happy Sunday!

Every day is a good day to appreciate doggos :) Don't you agree? Especially those with big goofy smiles!? So, today I sketched this handsome fella, a sweet german shepherd!

A good start for what I hope to be a very productive work-week. Hope you have a good one too! See you again soon :)

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Spring & a Fennec Fox

Happy Saturday all!

As we close out this month, I wanted to share an extra blogpost with you.

This weekend, I encourage you to take a few minutes just to appreciate those good things around you. February came and went like a blur, and I am sure I am not the only one to feel that way! So as we welcome March, I hope that we all can be a little more present, and fully enjoy those little things that make life brighter. :)

To start this endeavor, here are some pretty flowers, a cute fennec fox, and some lovely creations by the wonderful artists of Carnaval de Nice (Click to go to the video)!

I was very lucky to be able to attend a Carnival celebration; the "Flower Battle" parade, or properly:  "Bataille de Fleurs" :) Performing artists including musicians and dancers dawn beautiful (and fanciful) costumes to entertain and throw flowers at the audience! :D We came home with a nice bouquet! Click on a photo on the left to go to a short video :)

Friday, February 28, 2020

My Moon

Crisp, cool nights have allowed for a beautiful view of the moon over the hills nearby. I don't think I have properly appreciated its glow in a while, and was happy to gaze at it between a break in the clouds :)

Monday, February 24, 2020

Rhino, yo!

I find that if I'm in a drawing-funk that I can't get out of, sketching an animal I seldom do breaks me out of it :) Something about the novelty? Or paying closer attention to the anatomy? Not exactly sure why, but I have this rhino to thank for resetting my drawing-brain again :)