Sunday, October 2, 2011

Animation: Catch of the Day

My last blast from the past! This was my very first full animation project that went from character design, to storyboard and finally to full drawings shot the old fashioned way...a regular camera! So please do enjoy!

For those who are not familiar with traditional animation, there are 24 frames (pictures) per second of animation run time, and although most of the drawings are repeated once each (shooting in doubles), you can only imagine what my desk looked like at the end of this!!! For the final piece, there are 228+ drawings!!!

My design of Rosey the Raccoon

Storyboard page 1

Storyboard page 2

Storyboard page3

Storyboard page 4/4

......and then comes the animatic......

......And finally the real animation!

 It was shot with the school set-up and camera, so my apologies on the less than ideal picture quality and lighting.

And of course as I always do at the end of my projects, I recognize the places in my work that want improvement. In this animation I recognize that my timing needs a good bit more work as it can be floaty! I will endeavor to improve upon my timing among other things in my next animation! 

A New Me!

As I was looking around on other art blogs, I began to notice that a good majority of the artists used self portraits of themselves for their profile pictures, and I thought to myself, why don't I? So last night I hopped on Corel Painter 12 and did this quick paint of me! And the result? Behold my dorky self portrait :)