Saturday, May 11, 2013

DreamWorks Animation DreamCrit Gallery Show!

This past Thursday I had the honor to be an exhibitor at the "DreamWorks Animation DreamCrit Gallery Show" at DreamWorks studio in Glendale!

It all started with the modeling DreamCrit in March. For those unfamiliar with this amazing cooperative between DreamWorks and the Cal State system, I have to elaborate! Cal State Fullerton University (my school!) is one of five schools in the Cal State system that have the opportunity to participate in DreamCrits throughout the school year. Each "Animation DreamCrit" has a specific focus (e.g. modeling, animation, concept design…) and two students from each school are nominated by their professors to actually have their work critiqued by DreamWorks professionals!

The modeling DreamCrit was such a great opportunity for me to learn how to better my models! It was so exciting to have my work so constructively critiqued by the professional artist! I came away from it with a mini-sketch book full of notes on how to improve, and such positive energy and excitement toward my work.

Later on, I was again honored by receiving an invitation to submit one of my updated and improved models for the gallery show! The show consisted of animation and modeling reels playing on a screen, wonderful designs and paintings hanging on the walls, and a whole bunch of happy animation and illustration students and professors. It was a fantastic opportunity and I am so glad I was able to be part of it!!! I cannot thank my professors enough.

Showing below is the reel I submitted to the "modeling DreamCrit" and under that is the turn around of my improved ranger model that is part of the gallery. I am still not done improving her, and I really want to apply the critique suggestions to Boris Bear soon as well!

My modeling reel:  Featuring Boris Bear, Ranger, and Donnan B. Goat

My improved ranger turn-around reel, shown at DreamWorks!