Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Zebra & Horse Pendants: Art-Wednesday

This week I dreamt up a new pendant idea for my upcoming Etsy Shop (which I have changed the Shop name to UnderSea&Stars)! I wanted to create a Sahara friend for my existing elephant pendants, and also horses & unicorns. I am planning on using the same basic silhouette for all three, and embellish them with accents and paint to distinguish between them.

Below you can see my initial concept digital painting, clay sculpts, and two paint-tests I have done so far. I really like how the naturalistic paint test went for the zebra best so far, but will finish with the red one in the near future!

These guys will be available at my Etsy Shop's Grand Opening (excited to choose a date soon)!

Initial Color Zebra Digital Concept Sketch

Sculpts start with my self-made mold, which creates horse-ish blobs.
I then trim the clay and hand-sculpt, getting the right proportions & crisp edges. 
Completed paint-test for Natural Zebra Pendant
Paint-test in progress for Colorful Zebra Pendant

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Brush Pen & Copic Marker Fun: Art-Wednesday

A few fun sketches straight from my sketchbook, done in brush pen first and then color added with Copic markers. It seems to be my favorite combination recently, especially when I get drawing-block.

A re-design of my Mer-lady

A proud Mermaid for Mer-May!

Skeptic Guy SKetch

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Quail Gift: Art-Wednesday

This Mother's Day, I wanted to break from tradition and get my mom something different. She is a coffee addict like me, so naturally we went out for coffee on Mother's Day, and I surprised her with this!

A reusable coffee sleeve handmade from: felt from recycled plastic, thread, a button, and a bit of elastic. I am very happy with how it turned out, and so was my mom! She loves quails!

You can see my process and the final piece in the pictures below! I designed the quail in photoshop first, printed and cut the pieces to create a template, and then sewed them all together and used the thread to add detail!

Love you mom!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mini Art Cards: Art-Wednesday

I am happy to announce that I have hatched a new Etsy shop artwork idea! I am currently (albeit slowly) creating a collection of miniature art cards! Each card will come with a matching patterned envelope, and will be part of a themed set of three.

To start, I will have the following themes:  coast/ocean (pictured below), woodland animals, and flora. At 3" square, they can easily fit inside standard invitation envelopes for sending to friends, and will fit in pockets for surprise hand-delivery!

I look forward to releasing them on my Etsy shop soon! I will write here on my blog when they are as well.