Monday, November 14, 2011

Gentleman Billy Goat: Eye Detail

Hello again! In my excitement to publish the finished screenshots of the complete model of Gentleman Billy Goat, I totally forgot to unhide the detail on his eyes! So here they are! I took these screenshots in the predicted smooth render view because the eyes are made of nurbs (meaning they are very round by nature) and I wanted a consistent smooth look to the shots. A bit more of his teeth and tongue are visible in these screenshots as well, so take a look!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gentleman Billy Goat: Modeling Complete!

The modeling phase is finished!!! I took screenshots at different angles within Maya to create a turn-around of him. I am now working on my first ever texture mapping project to give him some color. No more all grey! It is quite a process learning it so far, but you can be sure he will be a handsome goat at the end of it! Also another project update; I am currently working on modeling his house and props as well. I will be posting those here also as time permits-- enjoy!

G. Billy Goat Turn-around


Above:  Low resolution appearance model


Below:  Predicted high resolution/smoothed appearance model


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