Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Bazaar Adventure!

Artist & a part of our booth!
A new year & so many art-adventures to share!

This weekend was my very first arts & crafts bazaar as a vendor! I was so excited to share my art shop, Under Sea & Stars Studio! To all of my wonderful family, friends, and the lovely patrons who came to the event, thank you for supporting my artwork!

Valentine's Day Cards

"A Bazaar to Love" was a Valentine's Day themed event, so I created all-new Valentine's Day mini-cards! My designs include love & friendship themed cards & nature themed mini cards, all with a gold sticker-seal.

I also brought along my new labor of love:  mini animal sculptures! All these little charms are sculpted & painted by hand, and make perfect pocket-sized gifts!

Animals at the Bazaar:
Elephant (Available here)
White & Gold Unicorn
Black & Gold Unicorn

By far the most popular this weekend was the white & gold unicorn :)

I was very lucky to share the booth with two other wonderful & creative ladies! Jessica of "Roosevelt Kid" (pictured left), & Meg of "Adornments by Meg" (center).

"Roosevelt Kid" brought her sweet sewn creations, which you can check out here.

"Adornments by Meg"'s delicate natural stone jewelry was lovely too! You can visit her shop here.

&... of course my shop is UnderSeaAndStars! You can see my shop here...
& my Studio's Instagram here.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read! Catch you next week!