Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pokemon Trainer, Bri!: Art-Wednesday

Good evening all! I know with all this Pokémon GO shenanigans going on, there is a lot of wisdom being shared and tons of nostalgia being celebrated! So...since I am one of those who have embraced this new chapter in Pokemon fandom, here I just had to draw myself as a Pokémon Trainer!

For those who played Crystal on their Game Boy Colors, you will notice some similarities to the game's color schemes, though I did a mash-up with the new Pokémon GO experience and my own style :) I hope you enjoy, I've Gotta go and Catch 'em All!

Prof:  What was your name again?

A couple of process pictures, this time last to first:

(Click to Enlarge) 
(Left):  Cleaning the sketch     (Right):  Initial digital sketch

Thank you! See you here next week!

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