Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sculpture: "Muk"

This is my interpretation of the traditionally animated character "Muk" from Simon Wells' Balto (1995) as a character in the round!

Materials:  Super Sculpey, Aluminum Wire, Floral Wire, Aluminum Foil, Epoxy, and finished with Acrylic Paint

This guy is the smaller of the two polar bears that lend comic relief to Balto's adventures! This was my first sculpture that I made using my professor's professional process! An armature secured with floral wire and epoxy putty, filled in with foil and then clay outside all that! 

I have included a few process photos below as well, but my apologies as they do not cover all the steps! I was too busy working and learning to remember to take pictures most of the time! 

 (Click to enlarge any image)

Some process pictures:

1) Armature, wire, epoxy, foil...    2) Clay and rough out forms...    3) Add detail, smooth, bake!

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