Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gentleman Billy Goat: Rigging Update!

Yes Project Billy Goat is still alive and well!

In late January I began rigging him and have since been working hard on him, so I wanted to let you get a peek at what I have done so far!

His body is almost done, I'm currently in the process of getting it's bells and whistles rigged (ears, tail, beard, etc.), and tomorrow I will begin skinning him. That will leave me with blend shapes and attaching the face controls! You can see all of his controls in the picture below- yes they do make him look quite silly!

Currently all of his limbs can be moved, he can twist, he has full use of his hands and fingers/hooves, he can move his head, look anywhere he pleases, walk...all he needs now is an expressive face!

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