Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Batty Idea: Oregon Wildlife Art

One reason I love Photoshop; it's easy to create a seamless pattern! So as Halloween was drawing near, a batty-bat pattern seemed like a must-have :) I have wanted to create more artwork featuring local wildlife, so why not start with Yuma myotis?

A cute little bat, Yuma myotis can be found near my home in Oregon. I have always enjoyed learning more about creatures and plants, especially those who share the same wilderness that I do. Energized by the thought that creating this art can bring me both joy, and the knowledge to identify this creature in real life, I decided to start a new art series!

I am excited to say that I will be focusing on Oregon wildlife artwork for the rest of this year! I endeavor to create art that inspires interest in learning about the natural world, especially for Oregonians young & old :) To do this, I will focus on local species, & include a bite-size bit of educational information with each art piece!
Currently I'm working on naturalistic wall-art, illustrated notebooks (with wildlife facts inside the cover), greeting cards, & even getting my pattern-designs on cloth (pictured left)!

New possibilities are open to my art-gifts now that I am printing my artwork on cotton cloth, and I am so excited!

I hope to bring a fair bit to my art-booths at events this holiday season as well, so keep an eye out! :D

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