Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Copic Marker Experiments: An Art-Wednesday

I still consider myself to be new to Copic markers. I have been playing around with them and have been so pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to just pick up and fall in love with! These markers do a lovely job of building up color and give great edges with their flexible, brush-like tip.

I am still getting used to them for sure, but I wanted to share with you some of my sketches as I have been playing around with them.

For the rose study, I did do a preliminary sketch lightly in pencil. To create the other plant, tree and coral pieces, I let myself just start right off with the marker. These flora studies were all done in my small sketchbook. If you are dying to add a bit of color to your sketches, try these!
Rose Study:  Sketched from a live potted rose

Plant & Coral Studies:  Half sketched from live plants & photographs, half from scientific illustrations

Tree:  Just doodling & playing with shapes here

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