Friday, September 30, 2011

Gentleman Billy Goat: Project Update

Hello there! So as I alluded to in my first post with my sketches of this guy, I have been busy building him in Maya as a 3D model. I am nowhere near finished sculpting, but I did want to include you on my progress as it stands. So I have included some screenshots I took as I worked over this past week. In that time I managed to complete turning my initial nurbs-surfaces (which are omitted from my screenshots- they were not pretty!) to a single polygon mesh (all of his body parts are made of one piece, not many), as well as started sculpting features of his face and cleaning up my geometry. I still have much cleaning and sculpting to do, and I will post another update once there is significant visual change!

early polygon mesh work

A start for the sculpting of the face

Got to have that vest!

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