Sunday, September 25, 2011

Raccoon Run

After making "Bernard says Hello" I did many less successful exercise animation pieces. One of the more successful animation exercises is the one below, a test for a character that would appear in my first animation project with an actual storyline. This animation is meant to be played in a continuous loop, so if you have a mac, command and "L" should do the trick on quicktime, I do not know what it is for PC? I have not figured out how to coax the blogspot player to allow loops yet- if you know please comment and I will post here if I find out :) In any case this will give you an almost seamless loop (the playback hiccups at the start of the loop despite my effort). --All in all I do hope you like her!


  1. Cute video)I like this post)
    I follow your blog, follow me?

  2. thank you! I just did :) and I am happy that you like the video!