Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Portrait of Vladimir, Companion of the Year! Art-Wednesday

I had the pleasure of being commissioned to create a custom portrait Vladimir, a very special clinic cat! March 5th, he was inaugurated into the Animal Hall of Fame as Companion of the Year through the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association! 

Vladimir began life as a stray, became a barn cat, and then grew to become the "Greeter" at "All Creatures Great & Small Veterinary Clinic", a post he has happily kept for the past seven and a half years! A truly lovely & sweet gentleman!

I created the following digital painting for his award ceremony & the human team of "All Creatures Great & Small Veterinary Clinic".

Below is the finished illustration, followed by a couple in-progress photos.

(Above):  Finished portrait of Vladimir the Companion of the Year 2016!

(Below):  Work in progress screenshots from my Wacom Cintiq Companion
Click to enlarge!
(Left):  A sketch start.  (Right):  Getting closer, with detail work


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