Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazing Opportunity: DreamCrits

As I have briefly mentioned on an earlier post, I was lucky enough to attend a "DreamCrits" lecture at DreamWorks' studios this month! California State University, Fullerton participates with other California schools to attend these lectures. A couple students from each school were chosen to have their work critiqued by professionals currently working at DreamWorks in this group critique! I am glad to say one of my classmates was chosen for this honor! It was so fun and enlightening to attend and hear what everyone had to say, and of course see what other students have been working on! The critique I went to was for 3D modeling, so I was taking notes like a madwomen so that I can make my next model even better! I can't say too much, but I will say if your school participates in these wonderful lectures do attend! It is well worth your time and tons of fun too! I hope to be able to submit my work next semester- I will let you know if I get in!

P.S.-- They do tons of different production art critiques! Like visual development art too! So go if you can!

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